Cyber Security Jedi & the White Hats

Cyber Security Jedi and the White Hat Hacking Alliance

In a virtual world far far away…
Computers have no Ethics and various threats are spread in the world
The Cyber Security Jedi counts the victims of the bug attacks and is calling for an IT-talent alliance
Join us in a 3 hours workshop where we will explore opportunities on the Job market and the potential of Cyber Security science for you.
Run by EPSN Workforce Group and partners. We provide growth!



Maria Eleni Arampatzi MSc
Specialising in Individual & Organisational Growth
Country Manager EPSN Workforce Greece Group

Odysseas Velentzas MSc
Business Consultant, Entrepreneur
International Business Recruitment Partner, EPSN Workforce Group

External Expert on Cyber Security

EPSN Workforce Group