The 1st science festival in Patras «Patras Science Festival» is finally here! After the «Athens Science Festival», «Thessaloniki Science Festival» and «Mediterranean Science Festival» with more than 90.000 attendees (among them more than 20,000 students) and hundreds of events, speakers, exhibits, workshops, experiments and theatrical performances Science Festival will take place in the city of Patras with the theme «Discover Science in your everyday lives».

The «Patras Science Festival» will be hosted at Hellenic Open University and in selected venues in Patras’ center from 10 to 13 May, where adults and children will have the opportunity to ask and answer scientific questions related to their everyday life. They will be able to attend to stimulating lectures and debates, to chat with scientists, to experiment, to play, to watch science theater and documentaries, and to participate in workshops… The visitors will also be able to take part in science experiments, interactive sessions, laboratories, educational games, and student competitions.

The festival creates a communication platform between science and the general public and is considered as an innovation in the field of science communication.

The «Patras Science Festival» is jointly organized by the educational organization “Science Communication – SciCo” and the Hellenic Open University under the auspices of the Hellenic Open University and the General Secretariat for Research & Technology, in collaboration with various academic, research and educational institutes.