There is a cure for leukemia. It’s you!

Xarise Zoi – KEDMOP (Save a Life – CBMDP) is a centre that helps save patients with blood cancer (notably leukaemia and lymphoma) and other blood disorders in desperate need of life-saving bone marrow transplant. Our centre raises public awareness about bone marrow donation and registers incredible bone marrow donor volunteers wanting to Save a patient’s Life, simply by offering a little of their time and blood stem cells. Are you 18-50 years old? Find out today how you can do something amazing that will help save more lives, by visiting

Participation Days:

10/05/2017, 11/05/2017, 12/05/2017, 13/05/2017


Centre of Bone Marrow Donor volunteers – University of Patras CBMDP – “Save a Life”


Kaki Tsaousidou, CBMDP-“Save a Life”, Communication Manager,

Christina Karakonstanti, CBMDP-“Save a Life”, Volunteer,

Alexandra Barouchou, CBMDP-“Save a Life”, Volunteer,

Adamantia Saranti, CBMDP-“Save a Life”, Volunteer,

Maria Androulaki, CBMDP-“Save a Life”, Volunteer,

Sofia Sitista, CBMDP-“Save a Life”, Volunteer,

Evangelos Charalampidis, CBMDP-“Save a Life”, Volunteer